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Killer Bee Review

Beats Antique's new track and tour

  DECEMBER 20, 2016 IN   


A look into Beats Antique music, performances, their new single and show. It's the bee's knees.

If Tribal Fusion had an official soundtrack; Beats Antique would compose half of it. Beats Antique is a fusion of Experimental, Electronic,...
#Beats Antique #Miles Copeland #Live Show #Tribal Fusion #Music

Bre Stangel

Bellydance Goes Global

Bellydance Superstars tour

  OCTOBER 11, 2016 IN   


It was Miles Copeland who dreamed up the idea for Bellydance Superstars.

Middle Eastern bellydance is a legitimate form of art, a serious form of dance and a sincere celebration of women. To become a professional...
#Bellydance Superstars #Middle Eastern Dance #Magic Of Dance #Empowering Women #Miles Copeland

Olga Stipkovich


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