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Cymbals in Dance

Finger cymbals have always been an integral part of dance.

  DECEMBER 20, 2016 IN   


Finger cymbals, zills, zils, sagat, castanets, manjira, kasik, karkaba... all are percussion instruments played by hand while dancing, or not, in cultures around the world.

Finger cymbals (zills, zils, sagat) are probably the most familiar musical instrument in Middle Eastern belly dance circles. A set of four, two pairs,...
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Nancy Loyan Schuemann

Traditional Vs Modern

Comparing the styles of today's Bellydance

  AUGUST 27, 2016 IN   


She then may dance to a taxim, followed by classic, pop, and folkloric songs and music, then a taxim

Amani once said that there is no certain belly dance style. She said that the “style” that we Westerners often refer to when we for example,...
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Jasmine Valentine


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