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Daughter Of the Dancer

Reminiscing with Lisa

  OCTOBER 1, 2016 IN   


What special challenges emerge if your mother is a belly dancer?

Introduction: One of the greatest gifts in the world is to have a child. It can also be super sweet to have a daughter. For all the trials and...
#Turkish Drop #Dance #Mother #Daughter #Mournful

Meredith Zelman Narissi

Dancing Together

Special Relationship of Duets

  SEPTEMBER 17, 2016 IN   


Dancing duets in belly dance is to practice the art of intimacy, which is both a comfort and a dare

When I first started practicing duets, my first impulse was to hold my breath. It was my way of handling what seemed like an identity crisis—how do...
#Performance #Troupe #Duets #Belly Dance #Practice

Patricia Cumbie

the Treasure Pack

The Belly Dancer's Treasure Pack - Exploring the Cards

  AUGUST 15, 2016 IN   


In your dance evoke angel energy by tuning into dreamy, slow, ethereal music.

I am excited to share reflections on the gorgeous Belly Dancer’s Treasure Pack cards for the new Bellydance Superstars magazine. This Exploring...
#Dance #Angel #Angels #Card #Belly

Guinevere Clark

Donna Summer, RIP

The Queen of Disco has passed


  AND Magazine  

Summer was suffering from cancer and she died surrounded by her family in Florida.

Donna Summer, the "Queen of Disco" whose hits included "Hot Stuff," "Bad Girls," "Love to Love You Baby" and...
#Donna Summer #Disco #Singer #Cancer

Aaron Stipkovich


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