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The Ideology of Choreography

10 hints for creating your own choreography

  DECEMBER 21, 2016 IN   


It's liberating to get out of copying mode to find out what's really inside of you. it is the next level of artistic creation.

It's great to be on stage and have the dance fly out of your body in a vivid response to the stirring music and rhythmic drum beats of the moment....
#Design #Theme #Choreography #Group #Practice

Meredith Zelman Narissi


An Exotic Flower

  SEPTEMBER 9, 2016 IN   


Her passionate artistry utilizes the dance as communication from her heart to the people.

Passionate, Playful and Unique, Stefanya is an exotic flower, blooming with every beat in rhythm. Acclaimed choreographer, award winning performer and...
#Stevie #Los Angeles #Bellydance Superstars #American Choreography #Monaco Royal Family

Olga Stipkovich


Poetry in motion

  AUGUST 23, 2016 IN   


A dance alchemist, she mixes seemingly opposing forms...

She's quite a lady." ---HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco Adoré’'s graceful, passionate style soars on wings of gymnastics, acrobatics and...
#Dori Levitt #Broadway #Bellydance Superstars #Screen Actors Guild #Kali

Olga Stipkovich


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