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Meet Norman Ambrose

A young designer with the skillset of a master

  OCTOBER 5, 2017 IN   


Some might say he is an old soul

At some point around five years ago I was invited to the show of a designer I had never heard of. As luck would have it, the designer was Norman...
#Brand #Purchasing #Princess Diana #Rudolph Valentino #Diana Vreeland

Jeffrey Felner

A Style Icon For the Ages

Nan Kempner: the impossible conversation

  APRIL 18, 2017 IN   


There are no chic women in America. the one exception is Nan Kempner. Diana Vreeland

Here is a meet and greet with one of the world's greatest and most recognizable style icons of a generation. At a time when there is such a thing as...
#Clothes #Fashion #Style #Oligarch #Champagne

Jeffrey Felner

Diana Vreeland

The Impossible Conversation

  NOVEMBER 24, 2016 IN   


She was perhaps the most explosively influential person to ever inhabit the world of fashion

When you have interviewed and written about fashion for any great length of time, you fantasize about what it might be like to interview the...
#Fashion #Style #Influencer #Vreeland #Avedon

Jeffrey Felner


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