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Do You Get Gisele?

Supermodel millionaire Gisele Bundchen explained

  MAY 15, 2016 IN   


What makes this girl the top girl in the modeling, fashion, and style-selling world

The Brazilian bombshell. She is part of a celebrity couple and an ambassador. She is Gisele Bundchen and she is living a fairytale life. She is...
#Unicef #Gisele Bundchen #Modeling #Supermodel

Cheri Jensen

Bad Rap for Great Dress

Heather Graham at the UK premier of The Hangover

  DECEMBER 16, 2011 IN   


This is one of those statement-making dresses so Heather did the right thing by keeping...

I must admit, I am completely addicted to the fashion "Worst Dressed" lists, I love seeing what some celebrities come up with, and get a...
#Dress #Fashion #Heather Graham #The Hangover

Aaron Stipkovich

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