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Freckles Are On Fire

A trademark for unconventional beauty

  SEPTEMBER 19, 2016 IN   


While freckles are fabulous, they haven’t always been considered the trademark of a gorgeous person.

I’ve always loved freckles. They’re one of my defining traits. They give me an extra pinch of character, and they add to my quirky...
#Freckles #Freckle #Skin #Beauty #Sexy

Marybeth Silhouette

Freckles: The Sexy Spots

Embrace them and understand the possible risks they create

  APRIL 20, 2015 IN   


Though freckles may heighten a person’s attractiveness...there is another side to the story

Lindsay Lohan, Julianne Moore, Emma Stone, Alexis Bledel, Olivia Munn' what do these women have in common? Well, they have all appeared in...
#Skin #Freckles #Health #Sun #Sexy #Style

Kara Werth

Women who look like men

And are still breathtaking.

  AUGUST 19, 2014 IN   


Whether a woman identifies as a female, as fluid, as gay, as straight, or as none of the above.

It was, appropriately, in a feminist theory class at UCLA that I first thought to myself that gender might be a crock. When I say "gender"...
#Beauty #Androgynous #Male #Female #Model

Jannifer Heiner

Winter Sun Skin Damage

The chilly solar rays can still hurt your skin, permanently.

  JANUARY 17, 2014 IN   


No matter what the season, be sure to lather up before heading outside for some fun in the sun.

The winter season is in full swing and when you are preparing yourself to head out for a winter's day, you are most likely to focus on wearing...
#Skin #Sun #Freckles #Winter #Health

Kara Werth


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