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Camels and Belly Dance

These Misunderstood Animals are a Symbol of the Dance

  SEPTEMBER 17, 2016 IN   


How many camels would you take for your wife?

In Middle Eastern dance, movement is often derived from natural elements and the animals located where the dance was born, in the desert. Camels play...
#Camels #Camel #Dance #Desert #Sand

Nancy Loyan Schuemann

Bellydance and Fitness

Key points on body strength

  AUGUST 10, 2016 IN   


The overall appearance of a trained Bellydancer, whether dancing to choreography or improvising...

I have been a student of Bellydance for several years. I have found that often, when others have asked me to teach them Bellydance, they have a...
#Body #Bellydance #Strength #Muscles #Dance

Viola Nelson

Saudi America

This Could be Funded by Hiking the Price of Gasoline


  AND Magazine  

We could flood Saudi Arabia with right wing duck hunters.

What about Saudi Arabia? Could we Americanize Saudi Arabia like we attempted to do to Iraq? What if we took their oil and installed an...
#Saudi Arabia #Saudi America #Oil #Sultan

John Sammon


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