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Issam Houshan, drummer, Tabla

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Issam was born in Syria and emigrated to the U.S. 24 years ago. He had formal music training in the Damascus Academy of Music and went on to drum for a host of Arab music stars and famous bellydancers. He is also the only remaining disciple of the legendary Arab drum master Mahmood Salahadeen. In the U.S. he performed with Sting on the Grammy's and with the BELLYDANCE SUPERSTARS in over 879 shows in 20 countries.


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Issam Houshan

King Of The Drum

  SEPTEMBER 9, 2016 IN   


Issam Houshan is one of the rarest talents on Earth

The union of music and movement is the essence of dance. The union of a musician and a dancer to create a seamless artistic expression of oneness...
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