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Though Jayna's first word could have been "shimmy" (her mom was a Bellydancer as well) it wasn't until a little over a decade ago that she fell hard for the art of Bellydance. A jazzy/modern/bellydance fusion performance to "Kashmir" by Zed Zeppelin showed her she had no choice but to start pursuing this dance for reals! When she was a kid, it took an array of jazz, ballet and gymnastics lessons to get super active Jayna to chill out!


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Jayna With Whiskers

Raised in a culturally saturated household

  OCTOBER 12, 2016 IN   


Her Lebanese father played classical Middle Eastern melodies from sunrise to sunset

The first time Jayna Kouzouyan graced the stage, she was wearing whiskers, alert pink ears and a tail. She was 8 years old, and a (very proud) little...
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