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Zehara Nachash is an contributor to Bellydance Superstars. Originally from Boston, MA and now residing in Flagstaff, AZ, Zehara Nachash is a celebrated performer, teacher and choreographer. For over ten years, Zehara performed in New England as "Boston's Resident Snake Charmer (Boston Globe 2005) with her snakes Kaala, Pleiades, Salkaiyera, Bella, Wynter and Denali. Zehara has studied Turkish and Egyptian styles of Belly Dance as well as other dance styles ranging from Russian Romany dance to African. Zehara performed in countless shows in a wide...


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Catharsis in Bellydance Fusion

  AUGUST 22, 2016 IN   


Using bellydance fusion to create a cathartic dance experience

In 2010, I created a theatrical belly dance show called "ANIMUS: A Shamanic Journey Through Dance." During the course of the show creation, I...
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Zehara Nachash

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