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Bellydance Options

Ways to be Involved with Bellydance without dancing

  SEPTEMBER 12, 2016 IN   


So many things you can do besides perform and still be engaged in the bellydance community

Sometimes you want to be involved in bellydance, but not perform. Perhaps it’s just not your thing, you’ve retired from performing, you’ve...
# #Bellydance #Options #Creative #Vending #Community

Nizana El Rassan

Do You Get Gisele?

Supermodel millionaire Gisele Bundchen explained

  MAY 15, 2016 IN   


What makes this girl the top girl in the modeling, fashion, and style-selling world

The Brazilian bombshell. She is part of a celebrity couple and an ambassador. She is Gisele Bundchen and she is living a fairytale life. She is...
# #Unicef #Gisele Bundchen #Modeling #Supermodel

Cheri Jensen

Finding the Right Swimsuit

Featuring Natalie Roser video and complete bikini instructions

  MAY 13, 2015 IN   


Avoid buying a cheapy swimsuit. You will be better off with one or two higher quality swimsuits...

No, it's not an oxymoron; you really can find the perfect suit to flatter your figure if you just understand a few things. The very first thing to...
# #Bikini #Natalie Roser #Beach #Beauty

Guest Writer

Photographing The President

National Geographic captures presidential photographers


  AND Magazine  

The President, and the office he holds, is a symbol for power and freedom, and symbols are fueled by imagery.

Fifty Years Inside The Oval...
# #Photography #Presidents #White House

Anthony Bergen

Photographing The President:

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