Victoria Medina

Best-selling author, speaker and photographic artist

Victoria Medina is a writer and author of the best-selling book One Nation, One Mission, One Promise which includes Victoria's original photographic artwork, poetry and prose. You can view her photographic art at She is a published photographer who has photographed celebrities, events and live theater. For more information about Victoria visit her main website at

Here is some of the praise her book has received:

"Few artists have the talent to create both visual images and words that combine to lift the spirit, but your impressive photographic art book One Nation, One Mission, One Promise has done just that. Your unique visual images combined with insightful poetry and prose inspires everyone to look at our history with fresh eyes."
- Geoffrey R. Berwind, Artistic Director, Historic Philadelphia, Inc

"The eloquence with which Victoria Medina balances the content of the poetry and famous quotes in this book is refreshing in an America where we often just see people critique and complain, "One Nation, One Mission, One Promise" does indeed celebrates the oath passed down to us through the Charters of Freedom - The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution and the Bill of Rights."
- Luis Salgado, Broadway dancer, choreographer and director

"Victoria's spirit matches the spirit of this the work of art. She combines two creative means of expression into one book that I carried in my backpack for months. Beautiful, creative, and ever-memorable photographs combined with touching and honest poems, all with the sincerest Patriotic spirit. This book should be in every museum in D.C. and in stores all over the country. A no-brainer. An easy decision."
- Andrew Beall, Broadway musician and composer

"The book is a poetic and visually inspiring look into our rich history, the promises of our nation to its citizens, and what it truly means to be an American. The visual imagery is iconic and provides a refreshing reminder of where we come from, who we are, and how we can live up to the promises of our founders in a modern world. The book touches on every element of the promise that is America; Freedom, love, prosperity, security, responsible government for and by the people. The book will stand through the ages as a time capsule of sorts which resets our purpose in the modern world as it seamlessly weaves our past, present and future into the same quilt. The book is a must have for the patriot and serves as a great discussion piece for any coffee table or intimate cocktail party."
- Jay Taylor, Managing Partner, Taylor Louis LLP

"Victoria is a "Renaissance Woman" of the Arts and can seamlessly, and effectively, convey her vision in both words and visual imagery. Very, very few people are talented enough to do this (in particular, writing rhyming poetry that contains depth and complexity). In addition to her skill with the tools in her artist's tool box, Victoria's vision for the book is extraordinary and brilliant."
- Mary Reilly, Customs Catering

As of September 15, 2017, Victoria's 20 articles like "First In America" have totaled 2.4M views and shares.

Victoria's 20 most recent articles:

FEB 10 2016
AND Magazine

First In America

How George Washington Embodied the American Dream?
"one would hope that every Presidential Candidate would aspire to his level of integrity"

AUG 19 2015
Wise Alf

Президентская гонка началась...

Почему наши политические партии разделяют нас?

APR 28 2015
AND Magazine
The Independent

Race for President is On

Why do our political parties divide us?
"Why is the choice so myopic, conservative vs. liberal, as opposed to who is the best candidate?"

APR 14 2015
AND Magazine

Jean Valjeans of America

We are better than this
"How can we give to each other and help each other when there is not a crisis staring us in the face?"

DEC 31 2014
AND Magazine

For the Love of God

Leave my name out of it
"Leave my name out of all the behaviors that one would associate with evil."

NOV 18 2014
AND Magazine

Song of Solomon

The road to Broadway.
"A Musical Romance train continues to pick up steam on its way to Broadway."

OCT 24 2014
AND Magazine
The Independent

Freeloaders and Moochers

Preying on both sides of the aisle.
"There are freeloaders and moochers at every level of society."

MAR 30 2014
AND Magazine

Fall to Rise

From Crowdfunding to the Big Screen
"Crowdfunding has assisted projects worthy of display at major museums and film festivals"

NOV 10 2012
AND Magazine

Richard Vetere

His words have touched your life
"the New York Times wrote: "Vetere demonstrates the ability to mix the poetic with the colloquial.""

SEP 08 2012
AND Magazine
The Independent

Taxing our right to vote

Imposing government issued IDs
"Taxing our right to vote is the beginning of a slippery slope in the erosion of our civil rights."

JUN 26 2012
AND Magazine
The Independent

Charles, Prince of Wales

HRH relevance, explained
"If America will come back to the table we still have no idea how far we can go."

MAY 03 2012
AND Magazine
The Independent

Don't Trust GovernmenT

Its not government, it's a lack of intelligent participation
"Then why should I trust you?"

FEB 28 2012
AND Magazine

The Academy Awards

Do they really matter?
"If the Academy wants to be relevant, then perhaps it needs to see all of us as relevant to it."

JAN 22 2012
AND Magazine
The Independent

A Woman's Right to Choose

Their Right to Life
"What is a voice? What is having a voice? It is everything, having a voice is having freedom."

NOV 27 2011
AND Magazine
The Independent

to tax or not to tax

The New Entitlement?
"The principles of government: Compromise, compromise, compromise."

NOV 27 2011
AND Magazine

Beauty from the Heart

Going beyond the eye of the beholder
"He found his inner eye and saw his inner beauty..."

OCT 06 2011
AND Magazine
The Independent

presidential sales pitch

Politicians don't debate - they repeat their sound-bites
"Like a product branded for sale, they appear just one step below The Stepford Wives..."

OCT 04 2011
AND Magazine


A spiritual leader abandons the spirit
"With each day that passes, Alzheimer's has proven to be the master chess player."

AUG 06 2011
AND Magazine

Jennifer Lopez

A woman without limits
"To limit Ms. Lopez's spirit is to not know her or love her for who she truly is."

JUL 19 2011
AND Magazine
The Independent

Capitalism vs. Greed

Currently the battle over the debt ceiling
"We elect individuals to go to Washington and represent our district, state and country. We entrust"