Ted Kelly

Senior Music Editor

Ted Kelly, an internationally recognized digital media pioneer, brings his unique interview style, commentary and proven ear for new talent to AND Magazine. Ted Kelly’s over two decades at the forefront of music and media ranges from major market, national and international morning radio personality to executive management for some of the world’s largest media companies in New York, Washington DC and globally.

As Program Director of the world's first and only global pop music channel, WorldSpace Satellite Radio’s “UPop”, heard in 134 countries around the world and in America on XM, AOL and DirecTV, Ted Kelly assembled an international air staff with radio stars broadcasting live 24/7 from studios in Johannesburg, LA, Washington DC, London, Singapore, India and Dubai.

As Senior Vice President of Global Content Promotions and Events for WorldSpace Global and US XM Channels, Ted Kelly was personally responsible for dozens of satellite radio firsts, including the first global concert broadcasts live from Europe, NYC, South Africa, India and Singapore, and daily broadcasts to troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. His live backstage coverage of The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremonies, America's Virgin Mobile Music Festival, the global radio hosting of The Annual Brit Awards, Mandela's 90th Birthday 46664, The Concert For Diana, We are The Future in Rome, as well as Live 8 and Live Earth are all considered broadcasting benchmarks.

Other achievements include creating an annual event, “UPop Sessions at Abbey Road”, four days of non-stop live music from Studio 2, giving listeners a first look and listen to over thirty of the world’s newest and hottest stars each year. The event made broadcast history as the first satellite radio broadcasts from the legendary Abbey Road Studios.

The groundbreaking "Ted Kelly's World Party" made its global debut in December 2000 and first aired in the US in September 2001 with the launch of XM. The show holds the record as the only live breakfast show to be aired simultaneously across multiple platforms: WorldSpace, XM, XM online, AOL, and DirecTV. Listeners around the world were able to interact in real time via phone and Skype. Ted’s ability to paint vivid pictures with his words extends to his creative writing and interview style. It is also the reason that audiences from all over the globe are able to relate.

Prior to joining WorldSpace, Kelly was Managing Director and Executive Vice President of Intervox Communications, a streaming media and global broadcast consulting firm in Washington, DC. Prior to that, he was National Vice President of Marketing and Communications for CBS Radio Networks and Westwood One, the world’s largest media syndication company. Kelly was responsible for leading CBS Radio Networks and Westwood One into digital media with the first streaming sports, news, and entertainment programming.

Ted Kelly is the former chairman of the radio and television committee for the International Radio Television Society (IRTS) in New York/London, and has been an invited guest of the British Radio Academy Music and Radio Conference, speaking on the future of digital broadcasting. Ted Kelly was the first American broadcaster invited by the British Phonographic Institute (BPI) to participate in the nomination and selection process for the Brit Awards. He is also the recipient of an Emmy® Award honor for CBS TV voice-over.

With the recent demise of all global satellite radio by WorldSpace, Kelly launched Free Uncensored Radio ™ www.furadio.com , free of subscription fee and international censorship rules. More than 50,000 loyal listeners followed him.

Now Ted Kelly’s interviews and commentary will be part of AND Magazine.

Strap yourself in for a wild ride.

As of September 15, 2017, Ted's 9 articles like "Bowie-Blackstar-Broadway" have totaled 1.3M views and shares.

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