Romana Bereneth


Romana Bereneth is the stage name for Louisville-based belly dancer and science fiction writer Megan McIntosh. She started belly dancing in 2010 at the suggestion of a fellow church member and committed to performing and teaching as a professional in 2015. With over a thousand training hours under her own hip belt in topics ranging from music to floor work, cabaret and tribal fusion, Romana is a knowledgeable resource for belly dancers in the Ohio River Valley and Mid-West.

As of January 14, 2018, Romana's 2 articles like "How Little is Too Little?" have totaled 133.3K views and shares.

Romana's 2 most recent articles:

NOV 07 2016

How Little is Too Little?

It's not that kinda show
"Ask ten belly dancers, get ten answers, from Am Cab to Tribal Fusion."

OCT 06 2016

Performance Anxiety

That's not a shimmy, I'm shaking.
"It’s complicated, and it may just be a part of you are as an artist. But you’re not alone!"