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Nancy Loyan Schuemann (aka: Nailah) is a multi published writer and author by day and a Middle Eastern belly dance instructor and performer by night. For nearly ten years she was the Cleveland, Ohio and national belly dance examiner at the recently closed Through the years, she has written for other dance publications, including Bellydance Chronicles.

With a BSBA in Marketing, she has had careers in retail management, marketing, public relations and outside sales. All roads have led back to writing. For over twenty years, Nancy has been a multi published writer and author, from local and national magazines to books. Her coffee table book, "Cleveland, Ohio: A Photographic Portrait" (Twilights Publishing, MA) has been a consistent best seller. She has several published novels, traditionally (F&W Media) and self-published ( She teaches writing courses at the prestigious Chautauqua Institution in New York State, where she has had successful book signings and readings and for local adult education programs and the Cuyahoga County library system.

When she’s not writing, Nancy teaches Middle Eastern Dance as “Nailah” to a growing number of students and performing. She dances regularly with Celtic-World Music band UZIZI.She has taught at dance workshops, lectured before women’s groups and at retreats, taught at the Chautauqua Institution (instructed her ninth season, Summer, 2016) and Lakeside. She was the first non-ballet presenter before the Institution’s prestigious dance circle, has appeared on local radio, in the newspaper and as part of the Institution’s marketing campaign. She has studied in Egypt and enjoys international travel. In her free time she enjoys reading, sewing, travel, learning to play the piano, collecting antique safes and spending time with her husband and black Labrador Retriever, Topaz and English Pointer, Amber.

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DEC 20 2016

Cymbals in Dance

Finger cymbals have always been an integral part of dance.
"Finger cymbals, zills, zils, sagat, castanets, manjira, kasik, karkaba... all are percussion instruments played by hand while dancing, or not, in cultures around the world."

DEC 10 2016

The Right Dance Class For You

Selecting a belly dance class
"As the new year approaches, thoughts of exercise and fitness comes to mind. What better way to get fit and have fun than exploring the ancient art of Middle Eastern belly dance."

OCT 29 2016
Featured Performers

Marguerite Kusuhara

Legendary Dancer
"Marguerite Kusuhara is a legendary dancer and woman of the world ... Literally."

SEP 30 2016

the Cobra In Dance

Snakes Have been a Popular Dance Symbol
"Snakes are a mysterious part of belly dance and Cobra's are the most elusive."

SEP 17 2016

Camels and Belly Dance

These Misunderstood Animals are a Symbol of the Dance
"How many camels would you take for your wife?"

SEP 05 2016

the Mind Matters

Bellydance challenges the brain as well as the body
"Studies have shown the benefits of dance on enhancing the brain as well as the body."

AUG 18 2016

Let's Get Physical

Bellydance for fitness
"Bellydance is more than artistic expression by offering health benefits."

AUG 07 2016

Middle Eastern Dance

A Brief History of This Ancient Art Form
"Middle Eastern dance, known as belly dance, is the world's oldest dance, not oldest profession."