Meredith Cook


Meredith is a legal secretary and Middle Eastern dancer in Flagstaff, Arizona. She started bellydancing in 2002 and joined Karen Custer Thurston's Al Rakasaat Turkish Egyptian troupe in 2006. Meredith has a bachelor's degree in journalism and a master's degree in English. She regularly contributed to "Shimmy in the Spirit of Bellydance" magazine. Meredith has also studied ballet, modern, and jazz.

As of September 15, 2017, Meredith's 3 articles like "After the Resolutions Are Gone" have totaled 123.4K views and shares.

Meredith's 3 most recent articles:

DEC 20 2016

After the Resolutions Are Gone

How to continually connect to your love of dance
"Variety and challenge can help a dancer find motivation and inspiration any time of the year... great!"

OCT 18 2016

the Art Of Self-Promotion

How to Goldilocks your dance biography
"You can tell me that your performance will wow me, but can you tell me why?"

SEP 30 2016

Introvert After the Show

Being a shy dancer and talking to people
"I’m an introvert. A common comment I heard while growing up was “You’re so quiet.”"