Megan Bushree

Fashion Columnist

Megan Bushree has been published online and in print since 2007. She has a BA in English Literature and MA in Rhetoric. Her books include "Coming Soon to West Knox", "Another Day in the Motherhood" and "Almost 21 Again".

As of September 15, 2017, Megan's 7 articles like "Where is Hayley Atwell?" have totaled 724.4K views and shares.

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OCT 09 2016
AND Magazine

Where is Hayley Atwell?

What causes a career to go from scorching hot to tepid
"how does an actor remain relevant in today's entertainment industry?"

JUL 12 2016
Wise Alf

Новый год в июле...?

Чем порадовать себя летом?

AUG 20 2015
Wise Alf

Старомодный - это круто!

Привнося классический винтажный стиль в современную моду

JUN 09 2015

Old School Cool

Bringing classy vintage style to modern fashion
"Simple and chic always look good, but classic doesn't have to mean bland."

JAN 06 2015

When are jeans Out?

The wardrobe staple is not always a go-to.
"Put together a striking ensemble sans jeans, it will make you feel more confident and attractive."

MAY 24 2014

Christmas in July

What to buy yourself for summer, that you'd never buy.
"Christmas comes but once a year, but treating yourself should be a daily occurrence."

DEC 21 2013

Get Your Seasons Straight

Welcome Winter... but shopping for Summer during Winter?
"The checkered-colored dreamcoat is gone and all that remains is a sea of beachwear."