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A Texas native filled with charm, a sense of humor, style, and a passion for writing, Marybeth Silhouette is a talented journalist covering all things entertainment, fashion, food, travel, and lifestyle. Marybeth first realized her dreams of becoming a writer at age nine and wrote her first book at the age of 13. With a growing passion for writing, Marybeth knew from then on that being a writer is what she needed to do as a career.

Marybeth attended the University of Texas where she graduated with a degree in English-Creative Writing. She has quickly become a successful entertainment writer, fashion writer and travel writer in hot markets such as Los Angeles, New York City, Dallas and Orlando.

As of September 15, 2017, Marybeth's 1 articles like "Freckles Are On Fire" have totaled 46.1K views and shares.

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SEP 19 2016

Freckles Are On Fire

A trademark for unconventional beauty
"While freckles are fabulous, they haven’t always been considered the trademark of a gorgeous person."