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Marjorie Hope Rothstein, founder of Living the 5 Star Life...without limits, is a spa trends specialist and new aging/boomer expert focused on becoming ageless. As a Boomer Babe with her finger on the pulse of the latest leading edge breakthroughs in beauty and preventative health and wellness, she is passionate about finding and sharing her discoveries of the fountain of youth with you.

As a beauty and longevity expert, her columns have appeared in many print and online publications including Malibu Magazine,, and The Los Angeles of youth, spa and travel.

Rothstein has been a spa-aholic for decades. As a connoisseur of fine living with a focus on health and longevity, she has explored the globe seeking out the latest in health and wellness, as well as leading edge beauty treatments. Her spa addiction has led her to discovering that ?the future of health care is self-care and the future is now.? The first place to start is to educate yourself and the best place is going to a wellness spa. From traditional massages, to indigenous treatments, she?s tried it all! From Bali to Phuket and right around the corner in Los Angeles, spas are de rigueur for anyone who is seeking to de-stress in this ever increasing chaotic world. You don?t have to travel across the globe to get pampered, chances are there?s a fabulous spa in your neighborhood.

As the former spa editor of Malibu Magazine, she was blessed with the opportunity to visit some of the best spas, and passionate about sharing her favorite treatments with her readers. Now is the best time to take time out for yourself!

Her passion is researching and discovering the absolute best of the best in products that make a difference. Simply Young is the finest evidence based longevity products and the first line of wellness products to have The 5 Star Life Seal of Approval.

As of September 15, 2017, Marjorie's 17 articles like "2015 Awards Season" have totaled 2.1M views and shares.

Marjorie's 17 most recent articles:

FEB 12 2015

2015 Awards Season

Get Red Carpet Ready
"Now that the 2015 awards season is upon us, many celebs are outdoing each other on the red carpet."

OCT 10 2014
AND Magazine

Energy Center Clearing

A Mystic with a healing process to balance your chakras
"Edwin Harkness Spina, MBA, was a venture capitalist and entrepreneur who evolved to become a Mystic"

SEP 24 2014

Beat the heat with Soothe

Soothe at home on-demand massages are the wave of the future
"With the record breaking heat, suffering is not the option, just book an on demand massage at hone!"

SEP 01 2014
AND Magazine

the Genie Codes

A method for clearing the negative internal mind clutter
"Are you seeking a way to access personal power and unleash your inner guide?"

JUL 16 2014
AND Magazine

Spring into Summer

It's Time to Celebrate Special Occasions in Style
"Planning a wedding, graduation, prom, family or business event? Nelson j will make you a star!"

JUL 13 2014
AND Magazine

Fast Track Flair

Opening Day Hot Spot for the Thoroughbred Club
"If you're a fashionista looking for a hot spot and a cool summer breeze, check out L'Auberge Del Mar"

MAR 10 2014
AND Magazine

Winter Blues? Lighten UP!

Schedule a visit to Lea Journo Salon and Burke Williams
"Althought mild winter weather in the West we still need a mid-winter pick me up"

JAN 26 2014
AND Magazine

Touched by an Angel

Your Intuition:healing the mind & body with spirit
"From an out-of-body near death experience, Maris Moris was told to come back and share her gifts"

JAN 11 2014
AND Magazine

The Hollywood Healer

Who is the secret intuitive known as the Hollywood Healer?
"Everyone is seeking answers to personal life challenges, even the A-List Celebrities!"

OCT 15 2013

Fit Body: Peak Potential

Pros know how to workout without machines or weights
"The optimum 21st century workout helps you to align with your inner design. The gyms of the future w"

SEP 02 2013

Fall: A Time for Change

Refresh Your Home, Refresh Your Life
"It is officially the end of summer, make your home into a haven in a hectic world"

AUG 31 2013
Undefined Title
Undefined Category

Go Ask Alice

One Pill for What Ails You
"Enter this free nutrient protocol program and be a part of a long term open label study"

AUG 27 2013

Hypnotherapy Facial

The latest trend in celebrity beauty secrets
"EM Luxury is a trendsetting new beauty revolution, and the master aesthetician will come to you!"

AUG 02 2013
AND Magazine

In Touch: Somatic Healing

Karen Glass Massage multi-modality healing
"How would you like to be in a healing session not only touches your body, but your mind/spirit?"

JUN 23 2013
AND Magazine

The Blue Pill or Red Pill

The DSM-V Dilemma
"Almost everyone you know seems to have had some kind of stress, mood, coping disorder"

MAR 14 2013
AND Magazine
Food and Drink

Eat Like a Star: Go Raw!

Six thoughts on the advantages of eating raw
"Matthew Kenney is the world's leading raw food chef"

FEB 22 2012
AND Magazine

On becoming ageless

You Are What You EAT!
"Chef‭ ‬AJ is the Pied Piper to feeling great and losing weight‭.‬"

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