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Fulya is Bellydance teacher, performer, costumier and event organizer, for the majority of her 16 year career this has been her full time job. She is well known as a fusion bellydance performer and constantly seeks to push boundaries and re-define her art.
Every aspect of her performance is carefully planned and constructed from concept to execution, all parts are equally important. Music choice, costume, make up and even hair style are all carefully crafted to help tell the dances story and she enjoys every part of the journey.
As a teacher she is noted for being warm and encouraging, with an ability to break movements and combo's down into easy and manageable chunks with many different explanations, methods of learning and plenty of vivid imagery. Fulya has been teaching since 2000 and holds various qualifications in dance and teaching.
Fusion is Fulya’s passion. Burlesque, Flamenco, Samba, Charleston, Tango, Bollywood and Indian Classical dances have all been studied and fused into her dance and teaching.
She has written articles for various bellydance magazine such as Majency, and Mosaic.
She is a musician / song writer. Who in another life played in girly jazz duos and an industrial rock band, maybe she will again…
In 2013 BDUK.TV asked her to appear on “UK Tribal Fusion Bellydance” a Tuition DVD which also featured; Dawn O’Brien, Alexis Southall, Bex, & Darkstar.
Her online studio is where you can book a one to one lesson from anywhere in the world or buy her tuition videos.
In 2016 she was asked to Choreograph a Flash mob by Northampton County Council’s disability partnership to raise awareness for “Ipods for Dementia.”
She runs the Kookie Kaftan Bazaar and with her sister Julie.
And is the director of Tribal Fusion Troupe Tribe-Ulations.

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