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I'm fun, sassy, and have something to say about everything - whether it's fashion, style, music or women's empowerment issues and world politics.

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OCT 25 2015
Wise Alf

Гр****ая Золушка

Золушка - это гр****ая сказка

JUN 22 2013
AND Magazine

Why the back is sexy

A highly sensitive zone that is often overlooked
"The back is a highway that takes the eyes to every major point on a woman's body"

JUN 21 2013

Summer Fashion Faux-Pas

Glam it up by taming it down
"Men are much more appreciative of natural beauty"

APR 26 2012
AND Magazine

F*** cinderella

Cinderella is a M-F-in' Fairytale!
"My expectation was that the One would look much different than who was in front of me."

FEB 21 2012

Best of: Oscar fashions

The Top 10 Looks of the Past 10 Years
"Cleopatra herself would have probably worn this gown."

FEB 06 2012
AND Magazine
Music YOU a Stupid hoe

A Note to BET Networks
"'ve become a product of your own demise that you don't even recognize you're the problem"

JAN 21 2012

Bootylicious In a Size 12

Size is only a number, self-worth is forever
"Having clothes that fit your body (regardless of size) = feeling good about yourself."