Katherin Gomez


With a degree in English and an endless passion for writing and dance, being part of a community dedicated to spreading the arts is yet another check mark off her bucket list. She is a blogger who dedicates her craft to personal essays, articles for the community and poetry for anyone willing to silence the world for a moment of contemplation. She has been a contributing writer for regionally based magazines and local artists in Miami, FL and a student to Middle Eastern dance for over ten years. Connecting to people through the written word and sharing positively impacting stories is simply what she was meant to do. Dance is yet another language she can translate those stories to.

As of January 14, 2018, Katherin's 2 articles like "Past and Modern Styles" have totaled 88.6K views and shares.

Katherin's 2 most recent articles:

SEP 05 2016

Past and Modern Styles

Traditional vs. Contemporary Styles of Belly Dance
"The story and evolution behind one of the most ancient dances in the world."

AUG 16 2016

Bellydance Therapy

The Art of Healing and Resilience
"Bellydance promotes healing and strength for the mind, body and spirit."