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Jeremy R. Stinson, President of The Stinson Group, LLC is a Husband, Father, Strategic Leadership & Business Management Consultant, Mentor, Community Leader, Navy Veteran, Doctoral Candidate, and Political Junkie. He has traveled extensively abroad with the U.S. Navy & U.S. State Department, and has served as a Physical Security Expert with the U.S. Marshals and the FDIC. He has consulted for and held executive positions with several national nonprofits, and small/medium businesses in the Washington, DC Metro area. He also ran as an Independent candidate to represent Maryland's 5th Congressional District. This wide range of experience gives him keen insight on strategic leadership on a global scale, local and national politics, and homeland & national security matters. He spends his “free” time with family, and reading & writing about Servant Leadership and other interests.

As of September 15, 2017, Jeremy R.'s 15 articles like "Сделай это, ведь это не так просто!" have totaled 1.7M views and shares.

Jeremy R.'s 15 most recent articles:

APR 12 2016

Summer Wardrobe Tune-Up

Fashion tips to prepare for the Summer
"The grain of sugar theory will grow into a pile of sugar quicker than you know."

APR 02 2016
Wise Alf

Сделай это, ведь это не так просто!

Бросать вызов себе - необходимо для личностного роста

DEC 21 2015
AND Magazine

Do It Because It's Hard

Challenging yourself is essential for growth.
"As leaders, we should become comfortable with being uncomfortable."

MAR 12 2014
AND Magazine

Flight 370

So many unanswered questions.
"Society, in general, hates not being "in the know"."

MAR 06 2014
AND Magazine
The Independent

Putin's Strategy

There's A Method To His Madness
"it is widely known that he seeks the formation of a Eurasian Union..."

DEC 24 2013
AND Magazine

Santa Doesn't Exist?!

Oh wait, he could be you!
"Christmas was an occasion meant for the best of everything..."

DEC 07 2013
AND Magazine

Madiba Will Be Missed

The world has lost a great leader.
"He has contributed to the world lessons in patience, strength, forgiveness..."

SEP 20 2013
AND Magazine
The Right

High Security?

Why Navy Yard and Fort Hood will Happen Again.
"Aaron Alexis didn't have to look for an opening; he was granted access."

JUL 16 2013
AND Magazine

When Fair Isn't Fair

The Zimmerman trial sheds light on fairness in the America
"Fair or not, the justice system operated as it should have in this case"

JUL 13 2013
AND Magazine

A Dizzying Experience

What you should know about Vertigo.
"Vertigo is one of the nation's top ten misdiagnosed conditions"

MAY 03 2013
AND Magazine

Wrong Side of History

How history will tell the story of same-sex marriage.
"I've come to the conclusion that me and others like me will end up on the wrong side of history."

APR 16 2013
AND Magazine
The Right

We're Not Invincible...

But we're still exceptional.
"We will always overcome – we don't know how to do anything else."

MAR 07 2013
AND Magazine

Where are the Leaders?

Failure to lead on every level - the solution is simple.
"Weaving malevolently throughout global culture from top to bottom... a dearth of leadership"

FEB 10 2013
AND Magazine

Post election regret

The US should adopt a presidential lemon law.
"Seeing the same ol, same ol, are you having regrets yet?"

FEB 09 2013
AND Magazine

Bullying: An Epidemic?

Could Bullying be a Result of Bad Parenting?
""We've created children who can't withstand childhood.""

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