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Jeffrey is a college professor and political operative from Long Island, NY. He has a long history of working in the areas of legislative affairs, development, and government transparency. Notably, he is a strident advocate for social, economic and environmental justice. He holds a BA in Political Science from Sacred Heart University and completed his Masters Degree at LIU Post. Additionally, he sits on the Board of Directors for the NYC Chapter of the New Leaders Council and is the Co-Founder of CausePAC.

As of September 15, 2017, Jeffrey's 18 articles like "Hypocrisy of Hobby Lobby" have totaled 2.1M views and shares.

Jeffrey's 18 most recent articles:

JUN 30 2014
AND Magazine
The Left

Hypocrisy of Hobby Lobby

Religon for corporations defies the 1st Amendment and logic
"Corporate personhood should not infer that corporations have a heart and a soul"

APR 16 2013
AND Magazine
The Left

Obama:Veto Gang of 8 Bill

POTUS should act on his own, not accept a flawed compromise.
"President Obama should veto this bill, and immediately take action on his own."

MAR 25 2013
AND Magazine
The Left

Our Moment of Justice

SSM Ruling would be the landmark decision of our generation
"The very notion of love and justice will be called into question by our highest court."

JAN 04 2013
AND Magazine

Fiscal Cliff Comedy

The absurdity and mockery of Congress reaching new heights
"The nation is barreling towards a self-imposed financial impalement of epic proportions, and no one"

APR 21 2012
AND Magazine
The Left

Alabama IS at it again!

Another Hateful Immigration Bill Passes Legislature
"This measure highlights one of the most critical and destructive facets of Tea Party politics"

APR 02 2012
AND Magazine
The Right

Is Romney assumed winner?

It may be time for GOP to get behind Mitt for November.
"He may have more waffles than IHOP on a Sunday morning. But, Mitt Romney is the nominee."

MAR 27 2012
AND Magazine
The Independent

Supreme showdown

The case of our generation
"Like a showdown between two heavyweights, it'll come down to the scorecard of two or three judges"

MAR 22 2012
AND Magazine
The Independent

Gameing out November

Assuming it is Romney and Obama, what to expect...
"Can Obama once again seduce America with his catchy rhetoric about a better tomorrow?"

MAR 21 2012
AND Magazine
The Left

Tuition relief please?

In praise of the Student Loan Forgiveness Act
"Republicans would break out in hives if their leadership made a tangible attempt at reform"

MAR 17 2012
AND Magazine
The Independent


No matter what happens, Mitt will be on the ballot.
"He cannot be beaten because two primary factors: money, and delegate math"

MAR 07 2012
AND Magazine
The Independent

newt's master PLAN

Gingrich can't win, but he'll make someone lose
"Newt has always been viewed as a master manipulator, not a charismatic political figure."

FEB 29 2012
AND Magazine
The Independent

Church and State

Santorum is treading on thin ice with his latest remarks
"This is yet another example of why Santorum's social positions are backwards and dangerous."

FEB 27 2012
AND Magazine
The Right

A Conventional Dilemma

Will A Republican Convention Deadlock Help or Hurt the GOP?
"This would make the Republicans appear ideologically divided and disorganized."

FEB 26 2012
AND Magazine

President George Clooney?

The proverbial "What if" is asked
"I would not point to my role in Syriana as proof positive that I have a grasp of foreign policy."

FEB 23 2012
AND Magazine
The Independent

Sweet Home Alabama?

Why Alabama's Immigration Laws Are Too Tough
"We cannot allow states to implement blatant policies of exclusion."

FEB 21 2012
AND Magazine
The Right

Santorum's Rise

New polls point to a tight race between Santorum and Romney
"Mitt Romney is quivering in his custom-made imported linen pants."

FEB 14 2012
AND Magazine
The Left

internet oracle

Wanted: Future-Predicting Social Media Soothsayer
"Is anyone responsible enough to be armed with this kind of information?"

FEB 08 2012
AND Magazine
The Left

prop 8's Fiery future

What Lies Ahead for Marriage Equality Advocates?
"It would be glitter bombs versus crucifixes and Rosie O'Donnell versus Sarah Palin."

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