Jeffrey Felner


Jeffrey Felner, a native New Yorker, has a long and continuing career within the world of fashion. His experience spans every facet of fashion, design and style with a focus at the top tier.

The 21st century has allowed Mr. Felner to expand his fashion knowledge by reviewing books for the New York Journal of Books as well as contributing to several online magazines (Vulkan, Mandrawn, The Kinsky) while continuing his own blog dealing with matters of style and fashion. One of his main focuses is interviewing the famous, the almost famous and legends of these industries

As of January 14, 2018, Jeffrey's 4 articles like "Meet Norman Ambrose" have totaled 138.9K views and shares.

Jeffrey's 4 most recent articles:

OCT 05 2017

Meet Norman Ambrose

A young designer with the skillset of a master
"Some might say he is an old soul"

SEP 15 2017

Marbys Negretti

When a model turns designer
"When she was taking care of me, i was learning from her"

APR 18 2017

A Style Icon For the Ages

Nan Kempner: the impossible conversation
"There are no chic women in America. the one exception is Nan Kempner. Diana Vreeland"

NOV 24 2016

Diana Vreeland

The Impossible Conversation
"She was perhaps the most explosively influential person to ever inhabit the world of fashion"