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Proud Seattle native who has bounced around the corners of the US. B.F.A. from Ithaca College in upstate NY where I fell in love with Thai food, hippies, and underground bluegrass. MBA from Pepperdine University where I discovered Warren Buffet and I started our careers in the exact same way (paper route). I recently helped David Byrne tell the story of the rise and fall of Imelda Marcos under a disco ball at New York's Public Theater (Here Lies Love) and I've popped into a few television shows with a mission to bully the protagonist. That said, I strongly stand behind the anti-bullying movement. Favorite undertaking: rescuing my adorable yappy mutt (Betty Draper).

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OCT 29 2016
AND Magazine

Are Protests Proactive?

Hollywood's Diversity War
"Perhaps minority groups are prohibiting change by doing more protesting than they are taking action"

DEC 20 2013
AND Magazine

Larry David

Discomfort and brilliance, all wrapped up in a bald package
"While his deviant behavior baffled audience, it would ultimately become the root for David's success"

APR 01 2012
AND Magazine

Unforgettable Megan Fox

No matter how hard Hollywood tries, Megan is permanent.
"Icon is in her DNA, despite the critics and haters, yet Megan quietly waits."