Farah Giovanna

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Spending 15 years as a professor of English, adjunct at Pepperdine University , Boston University and UC Berkeley, has presented ample opportunity to observe human behavior?as you might imagine. I have extensive experience in communication, both written and verbal, as well as many years performing before an audience, who were sometimes captive, sometimes willful, but most often charmed.

I have a covey of fine artists I sit for as live model, including artists from Pixar and ILM. I have sat for sculpture workshops in San Francisco, Boston, and Washington DC. I can offer references from many professional artists, including Manuel Neri and Jove Wang. Also, I have experience as fit-model for a number of fashion designers in the Bay Area.

I have a mezzo-morphic, athletic, svelt, tall (albeit not too tall), feminine form. Participating in many sport activities keeps me fit; voracious reading keeps me interesting; regular cafe-sitting keeps me gregarious.

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DEC 12 2014

Philosophy and Fashion

My Relationship with the Pencil Skirt
"It embraces the hip, undistracted, allowing for the suggestion of intimacy..."