David Focil

Contributing Writer

Born in Ecuador, but raised in the United States, David Focil has sought to develop himself as a fusion of what he sees as the best from both cultures; an optimistic practicality open to new ideas, and a respect for tradition and the wisdom of those who came before us.

This has lead him to lead a successful small business as well as pursue writing in economics, politics, religion, culture, and art. He sees all of these as connected and understanding them as necessary to understanding the problems we currently face and the future we may one day inherit.

As of January 14, 2018, David's 15 articles like "Why Snowden Was Wrong" have totaled 1.8M views and shares.

David's 15 most recent articles:

OCT 30 2014
AND Magazine
The Independent

Why Snowden Was Wrong

Government workers must carry out policies, not make them.
"We can't really call Edward Snowden a 'whistleblower' in the traditional sense"

AUG 13 2014
AND Magazine
The Independent

Torture, Accountability

Senate intel report confirms CIA tortured, what do we do?
"This is not some failure of oversight at the operational level"

AUG 12 2014
AND Magazine
The Independent

Evil Rises in Iraq

How our invasion of Iraq created the conditions for ISIS.
"We must be extremely careful about how and when we apply military force"

MAY 31 2014
AND Magazine

When Evil Is Just Evil

Elliot Rodger and our futile attempts to explain his actions
"It becomes glaringly obvious that this kid was completely and utterly evil in his worldview"

MAR 16 2014
AND Magazine
The Independent

Fascists and Conspirators

Lies and manipulation from the socialist madmen of Venezuela
"the arrogance of thinking that one or a few leaders can actually decide what is best for millions"

JAN 20 2014
AND Magazine


The real inspiration
"We do him and indeed ourselves a disservice by seeing only the symbol and not the man behind it"

JAN 12 2014
AND Magazine
The Independent

Fall of Fallujah

Did they die in vain?
"I dare not try to imagine how those who served at that time and place feel about recent events"

DEC 31 2013
AND Magazine
The Independent

The Economy in 2013

And some thoughts on growth in 2014
"Little to look forward to in the 2014 economy, unless of course you are already a wealthy investor."

AUG 29 2013
AND Magazine
The Independent

Strike on Syria?

Going to war again blindly, stupidly, and maybe illegaly.
"no one seems to be asking if President Obama even has the authority to launch a strike"

JUL 17 2013
AND Magazine
The Independent

Injustice for Trayvon

How the shooting and trial distract us from the wider issues
"we have a shoot first mentality among the law enforcement professionals that Zimmerman so admired"

JUN 28 2013
AND Magazine

Rebranding the Vatican

How can the new Pope rebuild the Catholic image?
"Displays of luxury and pomp in the Vatican have made it hard for the Church to proclaim its message"

JUN 25 2013
AND Magazine
The Independent

Snowden's Journey

A world in chains of our own making.
"There are no safe havens, no bastions of freedom, just the global rejection of modern liberalism"

JUN 07 2013
AND Magazine
The Independent

Creepy Government Stalker

State secrets and a naked, ignorant public.
"Fundamental choices concerning liberty are ours to make, not theirs"

JUN 03 2013
AND Magazine
The Independent

Dear Fanatic,

God doesn't need your help.
"No one, no priest, imam, rabbi or lama, has the right to silence others for what they say"

JUN 02 2013
AND Magazine
The Independent

Manning and Assange

Inspiration and dissapointment
"You don't run back to the rear while your soldiers bear the real sacrifices."