Cody Brooks

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A Caucasian local born and bred in Hawaii, I have gotten used to being in the middle of things — ideologies, politics, race, culture, whatever. Though I rarely know where I stand on a topic, I have come to be quite good at that. I have done an odd variety of things, from saving people in the surf as a lifeguard, to studying philosophy in New Zealand, to fronting a band in Los Angeles. Do not let the preceding lead you astray, though. I have vehement opinions on nearly everything that I will defend like an insane grizzly bear. I can often switch sides at the drop of a hat, but that is not to say I am undecided or flip-floppy; I simply try as best I can to feel how others feel. Life, really, is too ridiculous to hold any view for a considerable length of time. It is all a sort of mush, sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet, and nobody gets it. So: let's just eat the pudding and see what the deal is.

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MAY 16 2016
Wise Alf

Где Панда?

Вы уже чувствуете дыхание Китая?

MAY 15 2016
AND Magazine

So You'Re Lonely

Don't feel bad; it's worse than you think.
"Someone has something honest to say but no one wants to hear it — that's the heart of loneliness."

SEP 21 2015
Wise Alf

Умная разведка

Насколько успешно наше разведывательное сообщество?

SEP 16 2015
Wise Alf

Смс-ки: очень плохая идея

Почему ваша жизнь скучна, одинока и бесполезна

SEP 15 2015
Wise Alf

Роман Полански

Жертва оппортунистов или закоренелый извращенец?

SEP 13 2015
Wise Alf

Итак, вы одиноки...

Не переживайте - это еще хуже, чем вам кажется

JAN 22 2015
AND Magazine
The Right

So Long, Assad

Predicting the demise of the Syrian family leadership
"Whether he resigns and remains in the background or is actually ousted... only time will tell."

JUL 04 2014
AND Magazine

Not Quite Adults

A book review for the rest of us (slackers)
"The authors advise to take one's time before plunging into this tumultuous world."

JUN 28 2014
AND Magazine

A Story of Skid Row

I'm just going to go ahead and kill him.
"Pops was a drug lord, and for fifty years he dealt primarily in heroin."

MAR 16 2014
AND Magazine

It's Not Your Fault

"You'll never reach a point where it's because of you."

DEC 13 2013
AND Magazine
The Independent

The Tyrant Weeps

A woman dresses as a man and infiltrates masculinity.
"She said "It was hard being a guy. Really hard... I didn't like it.""

JUL 02 2013
AND Magazine
The Independent

Spear of the Nation

The Politics of Nelson Mandela
"As president he explicitly defined his agenda as reconciliation — not justice for blacks."

JUN 05 2013
AND Magazine

Phil, Jail, and his hair

The life of Phil Spector serving a 19 to life sentence.
"There doesn’t seem to be a terrified breakdown you’d expect from the reclusive dandy who had it all."

APR 16 2013
AND Magazine

Texting: a Very Bad Idea

Why your life is boring, lonely, and otherwise meaningless.
"Texting strips down meaningful conversation into short bursts of second-rate thought."

MAR 16 2013
AND Magazine

Children in India

How regional and global issues impact the young
"Flip a coin, kid. Wrong side? Sorry, no food for you."

JAN 30 2013
AND Magazine

Roman Polanski

Target for opportunists or troubled to the core?
"It's probably time to let it go."

NOV 23 2012
AND Magazine

Politically Irrelevant

Do commentators like Bill Maher ever really matter?
"Whether they desire it or not, commentators are always part of the game."

OCT 16 2012
AND Magazine
Food and Drink


The tasty problem of eating in the modern world
"Our current industrial culture is, in some sense, imperative to feeding us all..."

SEP 05 2012
AND Magazine

Intelligent Intelligence

How smart is our intelligence community?
"So how good is our intelligence? I would say, cryptically: as good as it is."

MAY 21 2012

truth about supermodels

Who they are and what they're becoming
"Emma Watson shows a new breed of model and a new that is kind and self-aware."

APR 19 2012
AND Magazine

The Panda In the Room

China's Escalating Presence
"At times called "The World's Factory," China is pushing for a fully advanced home country."

APR 08 2012
AND Magazine

where's sting?

The Man's Whereabouts Since Being a Pop-Culture Icon
"Having wandered through so many paths within music, he often brings back things we are not used to."

MAR 12 2012
AND Magazine

College? Chya Right

A Rebuttal to the Social Push For a University Education
""What if every child went to college?" Well yeah, what if?"

FEB 15 2012
AND Magazine
The Independent

The Politics of Piracy

PIPA and What Is Going On
"The core question of all this is obviously: Is piracy bad?"

JAN 28 2012
AND Magazine

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

The pros and cons of this controversial man.
"Is Ahmadinejad, to put it plainly, a good guy or a bad guy?"

JAN 12 2012
AND Magazine

Iran: the serious threat

What makes Iran the biggest US threat since the Cold War
"If Iran comes to possess nuclear weapons, we will be in a situation of Mutually Assured Destruction"