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Chris Niccolls is a New York-based operations, productivity, and outsourcing expert. As an investment banking executive, he became a voice for Wall Street offshoring, developing centers in India, the Philippines, Fargo (USA) and Bristol (UK). Chris has worked in the world’s largest investment banking, legal and insurance firms, and has developed outsourcing advisory groups for New York and London banking firms. He was also a prize-winner in Outsource’s Writing Competition Summer 2016. Chris writes extensively about outsourcing, project management, process improvement, and automation. Follow Chris on twitter @chrisniccolls or read his articles at

As of September 15, 2017, Chris's 15 articles like "National Insecurity On Your Desktop" have totaled 1.2M views and shares.

Chris's 15 most recent articles:

MAY 21 2017
AND Magazine
Foreign Policy

National Insecurity On Your Desktop

Guess where your anti-virus software comes from?
"A massive ransomware attack showed how vulnerable your computers is. Anti-virus software might save you, but where was your antivirus made?"

MAR 20 2017
AND Magazine

Rhino Poaching in Paris?

Let's disrupt wildlife trafficking
"We shouldn't be surprised that vince's head was cut off with a chainsaw, just outside of paris... poaching, and the violence that comes with it, is spreading around the world."

MAR 06 2017
AND Magazine
The Left

Fake News is not New News

Well, what do you know; a biased media is not new news... just look at the movies!
"Citizen Kane is a thinly veiled docudrama about William Randolph Hearst, the newspaper baron who used his power to punish enemies and bend the world to his will."

FEB 09 2017
AND Magazine
The Left

Trump's Right Even When He's Wrong...

President Trump's case for underreported stories about terrorism.
"Trump started with unreported stories... then we're shown... underreported examples."

JAN 22 2017
AND Magazine

It's A Circus Out There!

Children will weep, when the circus closes forever!
"Last year Ringling gave up its elephants. that was the last straw do they still use straw?"

JAN 21 2017
AND Magazine

Robot Saves Lives!

Get a self-driving car it it may save yours...
"Human drivers get into accidents when they are distracted by an argument with passengers, or even when they get a call on their cell phones."

JAN 14 2017
AND Magazine
General Intelligence

1b Yahoo Users Hacked

Sale of yahoo! endangered by hacking!
"Verizon thought that for $5 billion, it was buying yahoo!'s customers... now those customers are changing their passwords, or just changing to other providers."

JAN 14 2017
AND Magazine
Food and Drink

Death By Sushi!

Nearly extinct, and totally delicious... meet unagi, the tasty eel!
"Eels have been a favorite food in japan for centuries, but if you want to try unagi... hurry up! the world is running out of eels!"

DEC 21 2016
AND Magazine
The Left

Everyone Is Hacked

Just what happened in the 2016 elections?
"Every Ud intelligence agency says Russians hacked the 2016 elections. Why won't Trump accept it?"

DEC 17 2016
AND Magazine
The Independent

The New iPhone 9 is Made in America!

Trump's new offshoring tax will change how the iPhone is built!
"Give it some thought America, one way or another Apple is going to build an iPhone 9. You get to choose where it will be built!"

DEC 12 2016
AND Magazine
The Right

Hail to the Chief's… Daughter?

Will Ivanka Trump be the most influential woman in the White House?
"It is time to consider whether the role of the most powerful woman in America… will be played by the First Daughter, Ivanka Trump!"

DEC 12 2016
AND Magazine
Foreign Policy

Castro is Dead! So... Who Owns Cuba?

The Cuban/American relationship is warming. Now, will Cubans get back their property?
"Is the embargo over? Can America really have a normal relationship with Cuba?"

DEC 10 2016
AND Magazine
The Left

Mr. Trump, Can We Examine Your Email Server?

A new email scandal.... already? Has anyone told Donald Trump the rules for the President's email?
"Hillary’s downfall was trying to work without carrying around two phones. Will Trump give up Twitter?"

DEC 07 2016
AND Magazine

20th century miracles can be proven by science

Are Miracles Real?
"You've read about miracles, but are they true? Read about real, proven miracles!"

NOV 21 2016
AND Magazine
The Independent

Trump Reshores Jobs

Can Trump Bring Jobs Back To America?
"The election is over, will President-Elect Trump rebuild America's job base?"