Carly Fujiyoshi


Carly Fujiyoshi is a young and snarky expatriate currently living in the suburban outskirts of Tokyo. Born and raised in Hawaii, she is Asian enough to reap the benefits of Affirmative Action in America but white enough to seem exotic in Japan. Carly somehow managed to survive four Nebraska winters and holds a degree in Journalism from Creighton University to prove it. She enjoys writing, blogging, reading smutty novels, and arguing about politics on the internet.

As of September 15, 2017, Carly's 6 articles like "Моя первая голубиная любовь" have totaled 680.5K views and shares.

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OCT 24 2015
Wise Alf

Моя первая голубиная любовь

Симулятор свиданий для...

JUL 23 2014
AND Magazine

My First Pigeon Love

A dating simulator for everybirdie
"In Hatoful Boyfriend, I have my pick of birds to sweep off their spindly little legs."

MAY 03 2012
AND Magazine


Everything I never wanted to be and more
"Your mother didn't raise you to be a housewife, she raised you to cure cancer."

APR 28 2012
AND Magazine

He's just sick

The kids aren't always all right
"When the adults whisper in low tones, it's sometimes over mental health of a student"

APR 02 2012
AND Magazine

Carnivore at the scramble

A lesson in politeness
"The boys who are all dressed up with nowhere to go are the only ones I have reason to be wary of."

FEB 09 2012
AND Magazine

just get rid of it

A foreign view of abortion
"Without cultural backlash or governmental threats to abortion, Japanese don't see it as an issue"