Bre Stangel


Dance is passion, I found mine a tiny studio at a Senior Center in Vermont. American Tribal Style classes opened my mind to the beautiful world of belly dance. Soon, I was eating up every dance class and workshop within my reach and budget. I studied intensely, daily practice, yoga, drills, and performances whenever and wherever possible. I co-directed and award-winning dance duo and found myself performing across the North East. When I moved across the state for college; I took dance with me and created the first belly dance club and class at my university. I set my focus on dancing professionally full-time and teaching while pursuing my master’s degree.

After obtaining my master’s degree, I hit a bump in the road. Health problems hospitalized me and kept me in an up-hill battle for a few years. I was devastated and felt so alone and isolated without the dance community. As my recovery progressed, I developed a new connection with dance; I realized after so many years of relentless pursuit of progress and success, I needed to let go of my intense ideals and goals I created for myself inside of dance. I rekindled a simpler bond with my practice and focused on the sheer joy and solace that I had long lost. I dance in quiet and stillness whenever I feel moved and keep dance personal. I appreciate the grow of the community from the sidelines and smile in the shadows as I watch the rise of new dancers and style.

I would like to take this opportunity to give back the love and learning the dance community has taught me. I hope to share the peace and serenity I have found within myself and practice. Dance is still exciting and new, ever-changing and always growing. I firmly believe in exploring a new adventure whenever opportunity knocks; I would enjoy your company if you choose to come along.

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