Ashley Kirkham


I am a professional Oriental Dancer based in Vancouver, Canada. I have been studying extensively in both Folkloric and Oriental Dance since 1995. My many accomplishments regularly take me to Cairo, New York, and Toronto focusing on studying with today's world's finest instructors including Randa Kamel (Cairo), Tito Seif (Cairo), Mohamed Shahin (Cairo / USA), Osama Emam (Cairo), Dr. Gamal Seif (Germany), Amanda Rose (USA / Spain), Mahmoud Reda (Cairo), and Jillina (USA). I most recently placed THIRD at NYCairo 2016 and FOURTH at the Randa Kamel Crown Competition in Cairo. I have been an instructor of Oriental Dance since 2002 and continue to grow and expand my knowledge of this beautiful art form. In addition to my solo work, I has a dance company - Samar Oriental Dance Ensemble, which consists of myself and 3 musicians, as well as a student troupe "The Layali Dancers". I also work with 2 of Western Canada's most innovative flamenco artists in the world dance fusion show "Three Sides of a Coin". I definitely keep a varied and very full performance schedule! Along with my love of Oriental Dance, I am a rehabilitation assistant working in physical therapy, and a research assistant focusing on exercise prescription for chronic lung disease. I am also working on my Pilates instructor training.

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OCT 09 2016

the Pomodoro Technique

The POMODORO Technique was created by Francesco Cirillo.
"Break down work into intervals, traditionally 25 minutes in length, separated by short breaks..."

OCT 01 2016

the World Of Sha'Abi

Sha'abi music is music for the working class people
"The word Sha’abi means “folk”, “popular to the people” and “music of the people”."

SEP 06 2016

Practice = Perfect

Why Practice Really Makes Perfect
"We all know that in order to improve ourselves and become better dancers, we really should practice."

AUG 27 2016

the Voice Of Egypt

Om Kalsoum was a singer, musician, nationalist, and a woman.
"How she climbed the social ladder from the Bedouin (dressing as a Bedouin boy) to elite star"

AUG 12 2016

Bellydance Festivals

How to prepare for your first festival
"I use this trip as a way to sneak in a bit of a holiday outside of the festival..."