Anthony Bevilacqua

Political Writer

23 year old Boston native, then Studied as an English major at Pace University in New York City until recently moving and residing in Örebro, Sweden. Author of "Manufactured Equilibrium" and lover of animal photo-bombs, bad horror movies and history.

As of September 15, 2017, Anthony's 4 articles like "oligopolies" have totaled 488.2K views and shares.

Anthony's 4 most recent articles:

SEP 10 2012
AND Magazine

Where is Sarah now?

One-time Presidential candidate gone awol
"the former half-term governor has made $12 million since being chosen as VP"

SEP 08 2012
AND Magazine
The Left


How A Few Companies Control Each Sector In Our Economy
"WikiLeaks has released more classified documents than the entire world press combined."

SEP 07 2012
AND Magazine

The Julian Assange Show

Are you f**king kidding?
"Julian Assange has not been charged with a crime and hasn't broken one single law"

SEP 05 2012
AND Magazine

The necessity of Royalty

Is the presense of royalty helping the societies they rule?
"The cost of the Royal Family to the English people is now around 41.5 million pounds per year."

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