Annie Aboulian

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I'm a young attorney gone rogue. Yes, I have a license to practice law in California, but I'd rather write. Based in Los Angeles, I love to write about fashion, food, entertainment, and culture. I blog about all of the above at and about my new love, country music.

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APR 28 2014
AND Magazine

Law School Ruins Lives

And all there's left to do about It is sue
"There is a huge problem with law schools promising six figures within nine months of graduation."

JUN 28 2013
AND Magazine

Love to Hate Taylor Swift

Or do I hate to love her?
"What was happening to me? I finally realized the simple truth: I don't hate her at all. I love her."

FEB 27 2012
AND Magazine

Downton Abbey

The Reasons for This BBC Series Hype
"Gorgeous costumes, a war-filled backdrop, catty remarks, and some good old-fashioned class divide."

JAN 24 2012
AND Magazine

opulence, excess, and 3d

Why Luhrmann's 3D 'Great Gatsby' Makes Perfect Sense
"3D isn't just for visual and cinematic effect, but to create a sense of intimacy and immersion."

JAN 16 2012
AND Magazine

the olsens' little secret

Indie actress Elizabeth Olsen comes into her own in 2011
"Seeing baby Lizzie come into her own as such a talented actress is quite invigorating..."